19 January 2019


With January come exams. I have two main modules for which I have an exam. One is entirely mine; it will take a while to mark that. The other one I share with two colleagues, so I only have to answer part of the questions. That one tends to go quite fast! And then there are the exams I only have one question on. And I assume I will be asked to moderate some marking of exams I otherwise have nothing to do with.

The invigilation tends to be quite relaxing. You just sit there. The first half hour the students are not allowed to leave. I tend to read an article, or maybe a library book, or maybe even just a regular novel! In between the looking around; is anyone cheating? Or does someone have a question? Or need more paper? And then when the first people hand in you can start marking. The sooner you start the better! And then the week after, the lectures kick off with a vengeance. I will have no way of having finished then within working hours. I think I see another weekend of work coming up! Even though I also have to wield my filler trowel!

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