06 February 2018

Welsh in the Workplace: the results

For my 'Welsh in the Workplace level 5' qualification I had to talk to all sorts of people. In Welsh, of course. And Bethan, one of the tutors, recorded it all. The requirements were that I would have five minute conversations, but once you start talking you might get carried away. Most of my conversations were nine minutes. I figured Bethan had some marking on her hands! And she had promised me the results the next week; I hoped to get them quite soon as I was curious. But it took a while!

The email popped into my inbox while I was underground. I saw it at home. I had passed with flying figures! I scored a 93%. Lovely! So well, the road is free for also trying 'Welsh in the Workplace level 6'. Normally, people do that after getting their A-levels, but well, with the exams perennially clashing with our fieldwork, I suppose I might try it before. I'll try to keep practicing! And as one aspect of that I filed a request for my email to not say 'I speak some Welsh' anymore but 'I speak Welsh' (I don't know off by heart if external people see that, though). Not sure if that will have a big effect but one way to find out!

File:Royal Badge of Wales (2008).svg
The Royal Badge of Wales. Image by Sodacan

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