01 October 2020

Not on TV

A bit more than a year ago, when the world was entirely different, we had a TV crew in our dig. They belonged to the BBC programme 'Hidden Wales'. We took the presenter all the way to the work face! He was fearless and full of enthusiasm. And I had a go at being camerawoman. The real cameraman wasn’t keen to venture into territory like that! It was a good night.

The broadcast of the programme would be in spring. But spring brought different things. 

It’s autumn now and the series has been broadcast! I haven’t seen it as I don’t watch TV. But other people do, and they told me the entire dig hadn't made the final cut. A pity! But not a big deal. I still want to see the series some day; I really liked the first series! I’m sure it’ll come out on DVD or something...

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