30 September 2019

Lose a module

I went to the Head of School to see if he could lessen my workload. I felt overburdened! And I asked for my tasks outside teaching to be taken off me. I do Welcome Week, Peer Guides and Open Days, and these first two tasks are the busiest the week before Welcome Week and that week I am on fieldwork nowadays. But what is the update? I lost a module! David hadn't found someone yet to offload my non-teaching tasks onto, but one day I got invited by Jaco to talk about him taking over module organisation for one module. I hadn't asked for that! And he hadn't told me he would do that. I had to hear from Jaco. But am I complaining? No! I am happy to be responsible for one thing fewer in the second semester. And I like the module: Earth, Climate and Evolution, but well I can still like it if I don't have to organise it. So bring it on! My teaching load doesn't diminish much but the stress does. And I'll keep reminding David of the other things! He had agreed with me Laugharne and Welcome Week is a bad combination. I'm sure he'll find someone for this!

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