28 September 2019

Firewood rack

When I had tackled the enormous pile of wood the roofer had left I made a pile of sawn wood in the corner of the garage. I piled it up as high as I could reach! And on the non-corner side I just wedged a long pole between the firewood and some shelving. Job done! But now I needed something more sophisticated.

I had wood leftover from my cupboard project, and some of which I don't remember what I initially had it for. And I had a dedicated space in the garage where I wanted it to be. And it all worked out well! The wood I had was tall, and cut in two it had the right width. The depth I did with the other wood. And I had an odd end for a diagonal. So all that wood is now used! So if I now have an hour or so I can go and saw away. Before I've filled this rack some time will pass!

Ready! But still as good as empty

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