27 September 2019

Plums out, apples in

It's mid September! The time for the plum tree to be exhausted. It happened around the same time last year. And that is pretty much the time the apple tree takes over. Although this year, that will be a very short-lived affair. I have eleven apples this year! In contrast to the hundreds last year. But the ones I have look good.

I like the popping into the garden in the morning in order to pick some fruit for my lunch. But that will soon be over! These apples won't last me long, and soon it will be pitch dark when I leave the house. But that's nice too. In stead of fruit from the garden I will be enjoying wood from the house!

The last plums!

Empty plum tree

And now the apple tree: not much there

But the few apples there are look good!

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