10 September 2019

Dash to get ready for term

The summer was long! But not long enough. I had an entirely new module to prepare for! And I had to line up all the staff for taking on dissertation students again. I had to sort out all responses to student feedback, and make changes accordingly. I had to revise my lectures (sometimes there is feedback on them) and get the websites for all six modules ready. And I had to sort out the timetable and a proposal for funding for a PhD student and shortlist candidates for it and a million other things and then summer was over. Soon the lectures will start again! And then it'll be running until Christmas. Last year I then had a big pile of marking so I didn't have much of a break over Christmas, and then I was running again until Easter. I hope things will be better this year! I won't end the first term with a pile of essays to mark as they were for a module that isn't taught anymore. That's the module that's being replaced by the new module. So maybe I get a bit of a Christmas break! And I hope that by the time the second semester hits I won't be responsible anymore for Peer Guides, Open Days and Welcome Week. And I really want to make sure next summer I have a bit of a summer! I shouldn't have any new modules to prepare for then (but one never knows) so I really should make sure I have some time off. Just keeping going all year through is not how I want to live my life!

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