02 September 2019

First door!

When I came home I came home to a door! A proper door that closed! And that looked good. I was excited. The joiner was a bit apologetic about how long it had taken him. The longer it takes him the more it costs. But I was quite glad I now had a door in place! And he hadn't needed to use any additional hinges. So, well, four hours on his hourly rate was maybe not the cheapest door hung ever, but it was the least of my problems. And some of the others doors might be cheaper; all frames are different.

A door!

The other side

I will have to do some repainting on the door frames though. But I have plenty of paint left over!

He will now just do the rest too. Every time I come home my house has become prettier! This was one of the last big jobs (not quite the last) and I'm excited! 

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