23 September 2019

Welsh starts again

It's a new academic year, so all Welsh classes are starting again! I had to pick one. There was a very interesting one about Welsh Culture. I assumed it would be a bit like the one on Local History; not really a Welsh class, but good practice anyway. But it was on Friday between 10 and 12 or something like that. I can't do that! I need an evening class. And I went for the best of some not overly good options; a class that was doing the highest level proper Welsh course. They seemed to have already started. I have done that class but I forget things! It would be good practice. And yes maybe my level would be a bit high but I didn't expect problems. So I went! And it was a nice group. And it was good practice. And I re-learned things I had already forgot. So I think it was a reasonable choice! And if I sometimes have to miss a class that's OK...

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