01 September 2019

Run back to Dulyn Slate Mine

With my sister I had walked past some mines. One we had briefly visited. I hadn’t taken many pics but later I found out there were no pics at all of it on the site where the UK mine exploration community tends to keep its pics! So I decided I had to go back. With a camera. But I figured I may be too impatient to walk back to it. I decided to use it as my weekend run! And so I did.

I drove to the usual parking spot; I was lucky as someone was about to leave. That would create a space for me! It was a sunny bank holiday so all parking lots were busy. I parked and had a sunscreen session. Then I was off! And the way there was pretty much uphill all the way, but that was alright. It was beautiful! As I well know. 

I thought it would be cool to run just a bit further; to the lake it shares its name with. And I was glad I had! A decorative propeller was sticking out of the water. I don’t remember having seen that before!
After having photographed the propeller I went to the mine proper. And photographed it! As I was running I didn’t have much with me. And ‘not much’ doesn’t involve a torch. But I managed to reasonably document the place. Is that of use to anyone? Not sure! It might be. But at least the website is a tiny bit closer to being complete now. And I had a great run! Everybody wins! 

The propeller in Llyn Dulyn

Me enjoying the day

The small tunnel into the mine

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