12 September 2019

The package-free shop is moving...

It was only some nine months ago I mentioned we had a package-free shop in town (Menai Bridge)! Everything they sell there I don't buy anywhere else. And they helped me become eco-friendlier with their non-food too; they sell washable sanitary pads (a great alternative to period pants!) and wax wraps you can keep food fresh in. And the bloke who works there is nice. But he's moving to a bigger shop in Caernarfon! And I rarely go to Caernarfon. So I'll miss him! I'll go to the local (Bethesda) food co-op more often now; they sell most of their stuff in compostable material and that's not as good as no packaging but a lot better than plastic.

At least he's not packing up altogether; I already mourned the loss of both the greengrocer (he became a teacher after he did his back in lugging crates full of fruit around) and the baker (dearly missed at the time, but now I have a bread machine) who really left. It's like everywhere else! What survives are the charity shops, takeaways, nail studios and vape shops. A pity!

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