04 September 2019

Dig with a detour

After the difficult session in the dig we would be back! I was a bit apprehensive as we had stopped the last time when all that we thought we could safely bring down had been brought down. So what would we do now? But we had to postpone that decision as due to unforeseen circumstances, the drill was elsewhere in the mine. Quite far away, actually! So we had to go down five levels, walk to pretty much the far end of the mine, pick up the drill, walk back, ascend five levels, walk back to pretty much the far end of the mine again (but on a different floor) and descended a level elsewhere. And only then could we start!

I prodded a bit and figured out there were three rocks I was happy drilling a hole in. So I started on the first one! It was even recorded as Miles had been asked to send in some extra footage of drilling and charging and such things for the Hidden Wales programme. Then we swapped and Miles started on the second one. That one split under the pressure, so we crowbarred it out of the way. Then he drilled a hole in the third rock. All that is also on metaphoric tape. But by then we had to charge them and skedaddle! Time flies if you are scampering through the depths and widths of a big mine. No time to add a second hole to the third rock! So we did rig it and went down. We had to detonate with the drill battery as we had forgot to bring the actual detonator. I don't think we look very professional!

We then went out. For the first time this season we came out into full darkness. Summer is coming to an end! And next time we'll see if our modest blast has given us somewhere to safely continue digging again!

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