26 October 2018

Still not ready for the plasterer

Once the plasterer will be done the house will look profoundly different! It will be an important stage. But a lot needed to happen before he could start. First the electrician should do his thing. Then the plumber. And I needed to have the walls and ceilings ready. That meant: pull out the ceilings, and oil the beams. If you plaster the ceilings without first oiling or waxing or painting the beams, you will struggle to get any plaster off that accidentally (and unavoidably) ended up on it. And all of that is a lot of work, and it especially feels like that if you have a busy job and not much time to work on the house. And the other workmen were difficult to manage!

I first wanted to get the landing ready, so there I first made sure to strip all wallpaper there, and give the ceiling beams two layers of oil. Let's hope it'll be enough! Then I pulled all the wallpaper off the living room. That's finally all done now! But the ceiling STILL only has only one coat of oil. And work is relentless at the moment. Oh well. One day! One day it'll be done...

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