13 October 2018

Second outing for tent

One Saturday I took my tent out for the first time. And the Saturday after I thought I'd do it again! This time I walked straight up the side of the valley, rather than long it. It boiled down to the same thing: walk for half an hour until you're in the wild, then pitch your tent only a little later, and enjoy the landscape. I had found again what I want: a stream and a rock to lean against. And some sort-of flat ground.

I sat down, had some tea, ate some apples and nuts, and phoned my mum. Nice to do that from underneath the Milky Way! Especially if you can see it (it doesn't go away, obviously). I also read my homework. And then it was time to brush my teeth and go to bed!

 On the way up I walked past Tan-y-Foel which looked lovely in the evening sun

This time the going to bed thing didn't go as planned. I had pitched the tent on just not even enough ground; that way you're less comfortable, and at risk of sliding off the mattress and getting very cold in places. I couldn't catch sleep! And additionally, the area was quite busy with ponies and sheep. I figured they would settle down to sleep too; they're diurnal animals. But they didn't. At some point I was a bit startled by hearing a funny-noises-making horse approach at speed. It passed me by, though. I then heard it whinny in the distance.

I don't know when I fell asleep! But I know I didn't wake up until 7.30, which is late for me these days. But it was early enough to catch the morning pink! I quickly got out of bed.

I noticed there was a lot of condensation on the inside of the tent. The night had been dry, but my breath hadn't! Note to self: dry the ceiling before I get up. All that water drips all over the place if you don't get rid of it.

I got out and enjoyed the views. I made my breakfast. Then I started a letter to my dad. I had brought pen and paper! Why not write letters with an amazing view. But sitting still was too inactive an activity for the weather; my feet got cold. I packed up and left. I walked back a different way; not only to see a new path but also to walk past the shop on the way.

It hadn't quite been the success it had been the week before, but one learns! Next time I'll spend a bit more time scouting for properly level ground. And maybe get further away from livestock. And will dry off the tent before I get up! I'm sure that will make all the difference.

Morning pink! 

My little tent and its neighbours

On the way back

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