14 October 2018

Between father and sister

My dad had been on a mission to improve his relationship with his daughters for a while. Mainly with my middle sister. And because that was making progress, he hoped to be able to convince her to come to his birthday; something she wouldn't otherwise do. And he managed! But it didn't happen frictionlessly; he started to get carried away with expectations and forgot that when you want to make progress, you have to make an effort. And the whole project backfired! My sister tried to explain to him what had gone wrong, but he just didn't get it. I thought that was sad, and I decided to give it a go to explain things to him. It might work! I am more similar to him (in character, not looks) than my middle sister so maybe I can word things in such a way he understands. I wrote him a letter. And it didn't have the desired effect; he still didn't understand. But he didn't give up; he just wrote me a letter back. And now I've written another one! It's a lot of words going to and fro and we'll have to see how we manage. It's a lot of work but I hope it pays off! As long as we keep writing at least we're not giving up...

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