14 October 2018

Apple vandalism?

On a Sunday I walked into the garden to pick some apples. I do that every day! Apples don't get fresher than that. And I pick them as the tree so far has pretty much not produced any windfall. But now I suddenly saw apples on the floor everywhere. It had been a very quiet night! This wasn't a wind event. And several apples had been ripped off with the branch and all. And one trampled. This looked like vandalism! People in my garden, wrecking the place. I wasn't too happy about it. But it's just kids' naughtiness probably. It's not as if they had wrecked the entire tree! And I think they came from the neighbour's garden (not THE neighbour). There was a branch lying next to the apple tree that looked as if it had broken off from the tree standing above it, in the garden of some neighbours I don't know very well. Hm! Will have to keep an eye on this. And in the meantime I should make some more apple compote! I now have too many to just eat...

The apple tree and all loose apples I had found around it

This is not the work of the wind

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