11 October 2018

Keep me warm

I'm not yet quite sure how my central heating works. And I've insulated my office, and I hope not to have to work there in the weekend too often, but if I have to and it's not summer, it will be very cold there. So I figured the time had come to buy an electric heater, for back-up. I bought a small one; I can easily drag it from one floor to the next in my house. And I can easily take it with me if I go to the office in a weekend. As a matter of fact, it's right beside me while I write this! Writing blog posts is a bit of a motionless thing to do, and you get cold doing it. If you can't get your normal radiators to work, that is. I know it's not a permanent solution; I should get the plumber to sort me out. But until that time (and it could be a while), and until the university keeps the heating on over the weekend or I will manage to avoid work in the weekend forever, I should have this thing to back me up. I'm glad I do now!

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