17 October 2018

From marked to marker

Only last year I received my PGCertHE (my teaching qualification). This late summer, a call went out, asking people to volunteer to mark the portfolios of the next cohort of aspiring university lecturers. I answered. So I was assigned three portfolios; two from Heathcare and one from Geography. It was very interesting to read them! And mark them. One of the healthcare portfolios was, well, interesting at a somewhat physical level; the writer had been extensively teaching would care. And the portfolio was lavishly illustrated. Not something you want to read before breakfast to be honest!

It is yet more work in addition to all the rest but well, someone's gotta do it. And they do make things fairly easy on you with a clear marking scheme! And as well, you can learn a thing or two reading those. People have very interesting ideas on how to do some innovative teaching! But I won't go back to these pictures of wounds...

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