17 June 2013

Settling in further

The last time I mentioned what the state of my integration here at university was I had managed the basics: office, desk, computer, login, key. But things are moving on: I've now moved my office stuff into my office. That helps! it means it's more operational, and it looks nice too, with some plants. And it had speakers now, and my tablet. And I finally found my headset and webcam - I can Skype again! Very good! And on top of that I managed to get my computer connected to a printer, I was told the code of the copier, and I conquered some fridge space for my samples. Not bad! And my Plymouth account is now closed, it seems; I can't seem to log in anymore.And I hope to get a microscope on today!

Beside the technicalities, the social aspect matters too; I'm starting to get to know people now. Luckily there's a group of friends here, mainly PhD student who have lovingly adopted me. So I have these to have lunch and coffee with. And I even had my first on campus beer; one of the guys came in with the message that he and another chap were going to a talk, and they had a spare ticket; it sounded like a good opportunity, and I accepted. And between work and talk, we went for a beer in the campus pub. A rather nice one!

Outside university things are moving on too: I have an agreement with my old letting agency on my old apartment, so I get the remainder of my deposit back, and that's that. And I have secured myself a GP here, and I have a blood donation appointment coming up. I still need to find me a dentist, but there's no hurry. Things are moving on! I'm getting Yorkish!

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