06 June 2013

My commute

Google maps says it's 30 minutes. In reality it's closer to 20. And most of it is along the river and/or through green spaces. Very nice! I spent the first two days doing my commute twice, but I think I won't get tired of it. I'll show you why!

 It starts along a field between the river and the railway

 Then I pass underneath the city walls

 This part of city centre is not very scenic, but not very busy either

Here I get off the main road again (onto a cycle path on the left)

 Here I pass underneath the city walls on the other side

Further along the river, past Rowntree Park

Then over the river via Millennium Bridge

View from the bridge

Across the main road, then in between the barracks, as I wrote about before

Between the barracks and the campus there's only a field

 And this is where I end up! In the building of the Environment Department!

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