14 June 2013

Courtyard put to use

I feel sorry for the cleaners that by now will have dealt with my old place in Plymouth. Because of the tight logistics I handed the keys back as soon as the apartment was empty; they'd sort out a cleaner and have the place made ready for the next tenant. But I have been coming home late time after time, with a bag full off minging caving kit, and nothing better than the bath to clean it in. So my kitchen was often full of dripping overalls, socks, knee pads, and whatnot. I once had to unblock the bath drain. And I very often had to remove the ochre from the bath. The kitchen floor still bore witness of that when I left. As did the kitchen walls. But all's changed now!

I now have a courtyard! And I really looked forward to just hanging my kit out there. It's so much easier. And I suppose it's alright; I put my kit-dangle-furniture-thing underneath the bicycle roof, so I won't end up with dripping wet kit at the wrong moment, and I suppose people are not likely to break into my courtyard in order to steal a dirty boiler suit and some equally dirty, and generally rather worn, other pieces of kit.

So that was how it worked out! I came back from the Welsh trip, and I just hung everything outside, keeping the kitchen clean! Very nice! I like this place.

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