04 June 2013

Let the unpacking begin

When I looked at the configuration of the house I wondered how I would fit my furniture in. Days later, I would still be wondering.

Roland had offered to help. I figured it would be nice to have some help re-assembling the furniture! That's always easier with two. But in order to do so, one needs tools. preferably both the right size screwdriver and a drill. The latter speeds things up considerably! But the last person to handle the former was a removalist. And he hadn't put it back in the toolbox. In all likelyhood, it was in the box with the drill. So I couldn't really start until I had unearthed the drill. That took a while.

This is how the neigbourhood greeted me - invitingly!

When I had found it, and established the screwdriver was indeed in the box, I phoned Roland. He would come after dinner. So until that time I tried to establish where I wanted things. And I figured I'd start assembling the desk and cupboard inthe second bedroom; once the furniture was up, I could use the rest of the room for storage of empty boxes, or for boxes that couldn't be unpacked yet, but should be kept out of the way. And both these pieces of furniture have been with me so long they have acquired all sorts of additional screws and bits; I'd do these idiosyncratic items myself.

I also needed some food. There is a pub right on the corner, but they didn't advertise food. They said teh other nearby pub didn't either. I'd have to go to town. I didn't want to; I was tired (not surprising!) and I shouldn't be too late. So I dug out some emergency risotto and made a modest meal. The first in my new house!

Then there was a knock on the door. It was Roland! He had a good look around. And then we got down to business. We first established that my "stereo cupboard" fit in front of the hearth. That made a good start for deciding where the rest would go! Then we first made the book cupboard, of which I had established in which corner it fit, and then we made some additional shelving for bathroom and lounge. It was slowly starting to look like a lounge! And then we decided we had earned a small walk.
The path along the Ouse near my house

We walked to the Ouse, and all around my neigbourhood, and back in, past a takeaway (good to remember!) and then back home. It was a beautiful evening with a pink evening sky! And then Roland left. I pottered around for a bit more (I always have trouble stopping doing things just after a move) and then it was bedtime. It was nice to sleep in my new house! And the day after I would have a full day for more house-faffing!

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