11 June 2013

First York run

Running? Or moving house? Is it a choice? I figured it was. In my last two weeks or so in Plymouth I let my regime slip. There was enough to wear me out! But I don't want to let it go for long. I had to find a new route in my new town! Luckily, I had paid attention to that when selecting a place to live. I chose a place near the river, and the river has paths on both sides along quite a lot of its banks. And that's nice running territory! I had seen on google maps that there is a rather large green area on the north bank, so one sunny evening I decided to explore. I ran to the bridge, and across it, and soon saw an unpaved path going off in the distance. My kind of path!

 The vague dirt track coming off of the bicycle path that I chose for my run

By the time I thought of turning around I saw I had come close to the river again. There was a connecting path! So I ran back along the actual river. I was massively out of shape, but it was a nice run! I later found out it was ~6k, which is a good distance for a before-work-run. I should do that every second day soon!

The path along the river for the way back

 Getting sweaty again! And this time not from lugging boxes around!

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