05 June 2013


On Saturday I woke up in a house that I had clearly only just moved into. And then I did lots of things, and by the end of the weekend I had a home with the living room, kitchen and bedroom as good as sorted! The dining room was rather empty still, and the second bedroom/office still had some boxes in it and no guest bed, but well, for a first weekend I still think it's a good score. And the courtyard is nicely festooned with plants. And I like having a courtyard! I can have my breakfast outside. And dinner too, if I want. It's great! And it's a bit unusual for me to have to pop to another floor if I need something, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. And on Tuesday I got a dinner table and a washing machine. The essentials are here! I only have to buy a bed, or move the sofa-bed upstairs and buy a replacement sofa, and then I'm ready for guests!

The lounge! I haven't unpacked my books yet, but that's a detail.

The dinner table!

The spare bedroom/office

 The bedroom

My little courtyard! With plants.


Henco said...

Nice! Congratulations. And guests; can't wait til the Zomphop (hahaha)

Margot said...

Thanks! And yes, there should be one! Fortunately, I live somewhere easy to reach!