01 June 2013

More goodbye to PCG

"We should do something for your goodbye!" "What about DGC?" "I meant a social thing!" Dave thought going deep down into Wheel Fanny (part of Devon Great Consols) didn't count as a goodbye. And Lionel had't even been there. So on Tuesday evening the latter phoned me, and suggested taking me for dinner on Wednesday. Which was OK with me! I figured I'd have plenty of time the next day to do the final packing.

When I arrived at the restaurant, several people were already there. I was still feeling a bit daft in the stomach due to the knowledge I wouldn't see much of them in the future. We were with 8 people in the end. It was lovely but a bit strange. I hope they'll do many trips up north! I'm still a member, and can join! And this meal gave me another opportunity for a round of hugs... Thanks again, PCG!

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