06 October 2020

New lockdowns

The pandemic never really hit north Wales hard! I suppose it’s sparsely populated and that helps. It had been rather quiet here. But the virus has started to make incursions now. All counties east of here (Wrexham, Flintshire, Conwy and Denbighshire) have now gone into lockdown. Not a strict one, but people can't be indoors in private with people from other households (you can still go to a supermarket and be indoors with strangers), or leave the county without a good reason. So even if I would have had time to go for a hike or go underground with Kate, I couldn't, as she lives in Conwy! The boundary between Conwy and Gwynedd runs a bit weird. 

I am keeping a close eye on the numbers in Gwynedd. We may be next! And it wouldn't affect me much; I don't have time to leave the county anyway. Or go on hikes with whoever. And I haven't been indoors with other people either (except in the Netherlands, where different rules apply). But it could stop face-to-face teaching, and with north Wales in lockdown my chances of ending up in the Netherlands before all too long are slim. I'll have to keep an eye on it! In Scotland, headlines about student halls going into lockdown appeared twelve days after the start of Welcome Week. We are have gone past that! And infections in the county are rising, but not catastrophically. The next few days will probably tell us how things will go in this neck of the woods...

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