08 October 2020

Emergency office repair

My office had been the problem room! It had had a damp problem. I had tried to solve it with aluminium foil and thermal insulation. And so far it had seemed to have worked! There was no damp to be seen. But one day I wanted to faff a bit with the USB ports at the back of my computer. I stood on my desk to loom over. (I have so many peripherals that's easier than moving the computer around). And leaned against the wall! And felt that the wallpaper had come off. Oh dear. I was sure I could easily peel big strips off the wall. Problem not solved! The painter had not done a solid job. But would I want to get him back and do the job again? No! I need that office. And yes of course, I also have a guest bedroom which is not in use as in times of Covid, guests are an alien concept. I could move the office in there. But I didn't really want to. I thought about it a bit. Could I just wing this? 

My first thought regarding a way of winging this was wall anchors. If bits of your wall threaten to fall off you just anchor them down! So I googled 'wall anchors' but it looked like you could only buy antique ones, at high cost. Not so practical. 

Then I thought I could have a long shelf against the wall. That would push the wallpaper against the wall so it couldn't fall down! And I had long shelves inherited from Rose in the garage. So I went to do an inventory. And I saw one that came with a ready-made perpendicular plank! Perfect! And fake supports. The screw holes are not in these but in the perpendicular bit. No problem! I chose it. 

The next weekend I screwed it into the wall. I hope this works! And now I'll need some artefacts to put on it. It should pretend it's decorative, not emergency DIY! The day after I put it up I found a funny metal cup thing on my run. That will be my first shelf ornament! 

Shelf in place! 

First artefact

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