14 October 2020

Snug heated house

I may have been overthinking things! I mentioned I had ordered a new thermostat. And that I only did that after about a year of pondering if I should, as it was clear the old one didn't quite understand temperatures. But could you just buy a new one and then it just falling into place? Or did you need an installer to make the boiler and the thermostat team up?

When the new thermostat arrived, it was a case of just pressing a button to tell the boiler to look out for the new thermostat, putting batteries in said new thermostat, and Bob’s your uncle! It was that easy. So now I have a house with functioning heating again, and it is actually quite nice! And these thermostats are quite expensive, but well, I suppose they’re worth it, if they work…

Old and replacement (yes I should set the time)

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