27 October 2020

Autumnal run

I am still doing my daily runs. In summer, I had established two standard running routes; one up the valley on the cycle track, and one down the valley through two neighbouring villages. The former is still okay, but a latter involves two crosscuts between the high road and the low road that become bordering on impassable in autumn. One crosscut floods, and the other one get so muddy you can't really run. But too much of the route is on the road to do it on off-road shoes. So it was time to explore a few more options!  

I've been exploring some runs on the other side of the Valley in the direction of Mynydd Llandygai. That's mostly on the road, and if not on the road, then on fairly solid paths. And one of these days I decided to run part of my alternative commute to work, and bring a camera, to document the very autumnal run. Hence this post! And I think I have enough options that avoid flooding and mud now. I am ready for winter.  

Autumnal running attire

The Ogwen

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