11 October 2020

Welsh restarts

Back in March, my Welsh class went digital. Back then I thought we'd be back in the actual classroom by September. But we clearly aren't! I sat out the rest of the year in my course, but it wasn't the same. I suppose the talking is an important part of the course, but you can't all talk at the same time on Skype. In a physical class, you can just pair people up so they talk in pairs! I don't think you can do that in Skype. And you certainly can do it in Blackboard Collaborate, but we don't use that for Welsh class.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to start a new Welsh class in autumn. I mean, there was enough to do already! And if it would have been a traditional course I wouldn't have. But I browsed what was on offer, and I saw there was another local history course again. By the same chap! And it was only one hour. So I registered. 

It was on Skype again. There were quite many people! And the teacher worked it well, skipping between the screen with our faces on, and his PowerPoint. Not all was well; we were invited to chip in, but that only works when your microphone is on, and there were many instances of feedback. I had to take the earphones of every few minutes! But it was interesting. And when he chatted about stuff that went a bit over my head (his material covered quite a lot of historical figures Brits would know about but I don't) I just listened to the Welsh, which was what it was all about anyway. So a good call I'd say! 

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