16 October 2020

Walk with tutees

It must be weird to be a fresher this year! First, your A-level results are messed with, and then you move to a new town to start university. The Welcome Week is strange as you can't meet people other than your flat mates indoors. And then most of your teaching is online. And if it isn't, you have to sit 2m away from your peers. And local lockdowns loom. And even national ones!

In order to keep some normality going, I suggested a pastoral walk with my tutees. And most were up for it! And the time I had picked accidentally had OK weather. 

I met them by the Main Arts building. The first time I saw them in person! It was a lot nicer than seeing them on a screen. And we walked up the hill that overlooks, well, pretty much everything. And we just chatted a bit. 

It was just a walk but I think it's nice to get some fresh air and some actual human interaction! This year is not replete with it. Unless the situation changes again, we will do this again!

The view from where we met

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