25 October 2020

New printer

I am on a mission to avoid using my mouse and keyboard as much as I can! And most of that effort is focusing on using voice recognition software, but there are, of course, also more old-fashioned ways of going about this. One of these is just working on paper. I know being paperless is more environmentally friendly, but sometimes other matters are more pressing. So I decided to go and buy myself a printer. Just a basic one. It will allow me to do some things such as practising proofreading, or marking coursework, on paper. When I had to be in Bangor anyway, I popped by in the computer store. They only had very expensive printers, though! Everybody is thinking the same as me. Lots of people are working at home nowadays, and they need to be able to print things, and additionally, lots of parents buy a printer so they can use that for their children’s education. Hence the shop having barely anything! But that's where Internet comes in; you can still buy reasonably priced printers online and have them delivered at home. And that's what I did! 

It arrived the next day. I unpacked it that evening. It all worked; it did some test prints and everything looked fine. I went to bed before I had actually tried printing anything for real. The next day, though, it was time to try to print something. But the computer couldn't find the printer! That was a bit of a bummer. I feed my Wi-Fi into my computer via a LAN cable, but that sort of seems to mean that's anything that is not connected to a cable can't detect it. You can detect my grasp of the technology here. Anyway, I figured I might want to connect the printer to the computer via a cable. It does come with a USB port. They don't give you that cable though, when you buy the printer. So I had to order one separately. I hope it comes soon! I suppose if the need is high I could just unplug the LAN cable, but if the cable comes soon I’ll just use that. Anyway; no stories of success yet! It's a bit like the new computer; the pace of the blog these days is such that I feel compelled to post things when they are still in progress! But then I can say: stay tuned and watch this space!  

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