02 October 2020

More covering up of sartorial accidents

Five years ago I got silicone on my trousers. I decided I couldn't get it out, so I could cover it! I embroidered something over it. A foram, of course! These trousers have died since. But now they have a spiritual successor. 

When I was about to go to the Netherlands the last time, I noticed one pair of my shoes had sole problems. I briefly checked my other pair and decided they were good to go. I didn't check very thoroughly! That pair also had the sole coming off. Oh dear. Luckily my mother had glue. I tried to sort it! And glued everything else as well. Glue on my dress, glue on my jumper. Glue can be hard to remove from fabric! It didn't matter too much on the dress; that is patterned so a bit of glue doesn't stand out. But the jumper was monochrome so there it did. I tried freezing it so the glue would become brittle but that didn't work! So I went for my other solution: just hide it. So my needlework skills came out again! And this time the stain was elongated, and yes there are elongated forams, but I went for something abstract. I made a curl, but that looked a bit too much like a Nike swoosh, so I gave it a second curl. Sorted! Well, I suppose I need to tidy it up a bit still. But that jumper can last me for decades more now… 

Glue stain with outline of embroidery

Almost finished! Doesn't look professional, but doesn't look like glue anymore either...

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