17 October 2020

Mens sana in corpore sano

I had had problems with RSI for months. I had worked really hard to get the blended learning off the ground. But then then I found out that my job was on the line; that they didn't do anything for my motivation. I also noticed that I was enjoying my first few runs after finding out less. And my arms started to hurt more. I suppose the whole body, including the mind, is just one unit, and if you affect one part of it, you affect the rest too. So have I recently been using my keyboard or mouse more? Well no, but my arms and shoulders do hurt more than before. I don't think that is me fooling myself to be honest. I am also more scared of RSI now that I know I might be depending entirely on myself soon. 

I had recently started dictating my text to my computer, but that exercise has taken quite a flight now. I try to dictate everything I reasonably can! (Including this.) And I am learning to use punctuation in Word. It turns out you have to actually specify the punctuation. It doesn't always go well; it happens regularly that I say ‘comma’, and Word thinks I am talking about a coma. But that is easily edited out; carefully, though, with my sore shoulders. I will have to become really good at avoiding using mouse and keyboard! But practise makes perfect and I am sure as hell practising! 

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