01 October 2020

Light from the past

Back in the nineties (!), I had a rather stylish addition to my interior! Or rather, maybe more a studentesque one. The local booze shop sold big bottles of beer, and not only was the beer nice, but the bottles were so big you could hand a lightbulb into them once you'd emptied them and use them as a lamp! The orange glass give a real nice warm glow. These lamps have come with me ever since. I can't really remember in which houses I have actually used them; until two years ago, I have been renting in the private sector and not all landlords are happy with that sort of addition! But I decided it was time to deploy one again. I like my living room cosy but functional. I had an awesome lamp in there, based on an antique milking machine bottle, but that was a standing lamp, and not a high one. It wasn't really good for reading as you sat in your own light! Something higher was needed. So a beer lamp!

I dug both the bottle and the light fixing out. I put a British plug on it and tried it. It didn't work! Hm. I tried a different bulb. Nothing! Oh dear. Some rewiring was needed. I found a left-over ceiling fitting, connected that to a lead and a plug, and tried that. That worked! I then put a light switch in between and tried again. Still worked! So I drilled a hole and hung up the lamp. Sorted! Now my living room is nicer than it was. With vintage accessories! And the milk lamp (I see a theme here) can move elsewhere. I suppose it's a decoration in itself! It doesn't even have to radiate light to do its job... 

Beer lamp in situ! 

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