29 October 2020

Tweak the office chair

At the start of lockdown, I bought an office chair. It had non-adjustable armrests, and they were a bit too high. In order to be able to fit them underneath my desk, I had to lower the chair by a ludicrous amount. That just wasn't good. Since moving my entire office home, I have been using my University chair. But having a chair without a purpose seemed silly. And as the armrests come off, I thought I maybe could tweak them. I could just put something in place of the armrests that wouldn't stick out so high. So I set to work.  I took one armrest off and replaced it with bits of skirting board. So far so good. Unfortunately they could twist, so when I removed the other armrest the whole system sagged. I could have predicted that, actually! Oh well. I went back to the drawing board. I took a piece of left-over floorboard from the garage and tried that. It was a bit of a faff to firstly align the drill holes perfectly, and secondly make depressions in the wood so the bolts could be sunk in a bit, but in the end I had an office chair with a fixed back that fit underneath the desk! And if I ever want that chair to look official again, I can just put the armrests back.  So I say that's a success! 

First attempt: not a success


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