12 October 2020

Financial hit felt

It had been in the news for a while: Bangor University had lost income due to Covid, and needed to think of something to balance the books. Fewer international students had showed up, there had been lost income from halls, catering and suchlike;  and I suppose some costs had increased as, for instance, cleaning regimes must have become more rigorous. 

We didn't know, though, how it would affect the School of Ocean Sciences. But that changed this week. On Wednesday the University published a document in which the details were given on how they intended to make the intended budget cuts. Unfortunately, it looks like my job is on the line. That was a bit of a shock, and a shock too for those who are in the same boat. We as a school had recruited really well! If we lose staff, who is going to teach all these students? But management (of School, College and University) clearly thinks they can do without several of us. I have now started exploring my other options. Am I certain of losing my job? No. But if I might, I had better come prepared.

It is less than three years ago that I got my first ever permanent job. And I knew that permanent jobs aren't really permanent, but I didn't expect to already fear for it this soon. It is a bit of a blow. I was so glad that my time of going from short contract to short contract, and moving large distances every few years, was over. But the security lasted shorter than my longest Postdoc job! I never really took my job for granted, so I’m not mentally unprepared, but I now have to quickly switch back into job seeking mode. Luckily I am quite resilient, and I will think of something else, but watch this space. These are interesting times, and big changes might very well be ahead…

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