30 October 2020

Printer works!

 I had bought a printer, so I could do some work on paper in order to not use my mouse and keyboard.  I had initially set it up to connect by wifi; that seemed a reasonable thing to do.  However, it couldn’t find my wifi, and a printer that can’t find your computer is of little use.  In order to remediate that I ordered a USB cable, and about a week later that arrived.  I then had to figure out how to make my printer understand that that was now the means of communication!  It turned out that I had to uninstall the software, and then reinstall it, telling it that it now needed to communicate via a USB.  That seems to be excessive, but if that’s what it takes!  So I did that.  And now my computer and my printer can find each other.  That’s some improvement!  And the first thing I printed was a mark sheet for some student presentations.  A modest start!  But who knows what will follow.  My home office has gained an asset!

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