22 December 2019

First night as a non-ThursdayNighter

When I decided to quit the ThursdayNighters I knew I would have an evening free! I imagined myself making progress on the spare room. But things panned out otherwise! A friend got air of my free evening and said 'let's go for a drink then!' And that was a good idea. Painting leaves you too much time to think! And feeling rather ostracised and hated I could do with a friendly face. So we set off.

I had had my eye on Ty Gwyn in Betws-y-Coed; it must be a very old building, and as far as I am concerned, the older the better. My friend had wanted to try Elen's Castle in Dolwyddelan! But both turn out to not have a public bar. So that quest went well. We ended up in Trefriw! There was a nice pub there. I felt a bit bad about the amount of CO2 we had managed to emit looking for a drink but well, at least now we know and we won't try these other places again.

We had a really nice chat! I could vent my spleen, and that helped, but we also just talked about completely random things like Almodรณvar movies and eighties music and early memories and blogging and southern mines and whatnot. It was just what I needed! And we decided to do it again. Maybe next time with some culture! The last time I did something cultural but not either alone or at least partially for reasons of Welsh practice (which is cool too but not quite the same) is a while ago. I suppose it must have been seeing Phill Jupitus with Marjan! So this cloud is already having silver lining! Soon maybe there'll only be lining...

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