05 December 2019

Painting the plaster

I had plastered the wall of the spare room the weekend before so it was time to paint it. The Saturday was lost to cave rescue so on the Sunday I started. I didn't get very far until I stopped again as Phil would pop by for a coffee. When he left I decided I should go for a run, as otherwise I would not go until after lunch, and in December that might be a bad idea as the days are so short. So I did that first! And then had a shower. And lunch. Only then did I come back to finish the first coat.

I first did the edges with a brush. I was finishing the last tub the actual painter had left! That was a bit of a pain as in old paint, you get lumps. And that is not ideal. But then I swapped to a tub I had bought myself. And soon the first coat was on! And then it was time to go and do some grocery shopping. And some blogging. And Welsh homework. And then cooking food and eating it, and not wanting to pick up a brush or roller after dinner! So my efforts were very limited. But all progress is progress! There will be more weekends. I will get that room done one day!

First coat done! It barely needs a second

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