25 December 2019

Supper club

My new status as an ex-Thursdaynighter affected my work life too. David is a colleague! And we even have a mutual friend at work. Guy, the man with the charming dog! When I walked past his desk I popped by. I wanted to tell him! Wasn't keen on him cheerfully asking how my ThursdayNighter trip would have been. Or whether I had seen David that day. And that sort of things. And I think he could see I was sad as he immediately invited me to a Friday Night dinner, with him and his wife (no dogs this time) and two retired ex-colleagues. Sounded nice!

The dinner was in Kyffin, one of Bangor's vegan venues. I like they are there! I had been once with Lynda, my geographical colleague. But I rarely go out for dinner so I hadn't been back. Until now!

I bumped into Guy and Gate on the road so we walked up together. Hilary and Paul were already there. We sat down and a waitress appeared to take drink orders. It was one of our PhD students! A nice coincidence.

We got a starter of walnut-pear-vegan cheese quiche with red cabbage and rocket. And a small glass of alcohol-low mulled wine. And the mains was some nutroasty thing with roasted potatoes and sprouts and such. It was nice! In essence not very different from what Teras had fed me, but you could tell Kyffyn practices vegan food a bit more than Teras. And the dessert was 'deconstructed Christmas pudding'.

It was nice to have dinner with nice people in a nice restaurant! I was really glad Guy had invited me. I was still sad, with my brains starting to mull over unpleasant things as soon as it wasn't occupied with something else. But this was an evening full of distraction! I had tried to meet up with Guy and Kate for a while but especially Kate had been stupidly busy. Now I had managed to see them anyway! And it was nice to see Hilary and Paul! It looked like they were enjoying their pensioner lives...

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