04 December 2019

Combined run and mine documentation mission

I run every weekend! Unless sometimes strange happens. And I normally just take the same route. It is beautiful and it's a good path so you can just run without paying too much attention to how you put your feet down.

Sometimes I go visit small, insignificant mines that are not represented by pictures on the big website that is the main repository for information. I had recently done the one that had hosted a Swamphike first night. And I had another one in mind: Cwm Glas Slate mine. I had seen it in the distance many times!

That morning I had an epiphany. I could do both at the same time! Just run to the mine, take some pictures, and run back. It was lovely weather! So I did. I put on my otherwise largely neglected off-road shoes, took my camera and was off. And it all starts a bit steep but so be it. It was great! And I found the mine after some 40 minutes. A good time! I took some pictures; there wasn't much to it. Then I ran back. Such a lovely way to spend 1.5 hours!

Frost on the mountains!

The mine; not much to it!

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