02 November 2019

Welsh help session

We went into the field in September, and now the students are writing up their results! And I had an enquiry from a student. Could he pop by and discuss a certain aspect of the work? And this was not unusual, but there was something special about the request: it was done in Welsh. That's a first! And I answered in Welsh. And then he came in, with his mate (who also speaks Welsh), and we did the whole thing in Welsh! I was proud. Yes we used some English phrases but well, I don't feel bad about not knowing what a ternplot is in Welsh. (Or Dutch, actually; a driehoekdiagram perhaps?) And the work has to be submitted in English anyway as the person doing most of the marking doesn't speak Welsh. But this is cool! I've not been learning Welsh for nothing! I'm teaching in it! Hurray!

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