25 November 2019

Try to sort out office plant

I like having plants in my office! A long, long time ago I bought a bunch on an on-campus plant sale in Plymouth, and I still have most of them. (I think I did it twice but I can only find one post about it.) They travel with me if I get a new job! They are a bit bigger by now, though.

I also inherited the plants of my office mate Paul when he left for Cornwall. And they're all doing well! They like the new office.

One plant liked it but started to behave strangely. It grew in a curve and grew new roots, halfway up the stem. It looked like it thought the pot was crowded and it wanted to find new ground. In nature you will probably find some useful soil a few centimetres from where you grow! If you're a potted plant: not so much. So I figured I needed to give it a pot of its own. But I would have to cut it loose from the other pot. Scary! But I couldn't ignore the hint. I took the risk and cut it. Now I hope it will be happy in its very own pot!

The plant was looking for something! 
Roots ready to go

Now it's two plants!

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