27 November 2019

Heating issues

I don't understand my heating. I have a thermostat. It does something! If I crank it up the heating goes up. If I crank it down to something like 5 degrees it goes down. But between, say, 5 and 20 degrees it does whatever it likes. And recently I thought it had gone a bit far when the thermostat was on 10 degrees but I was prancing around in my T-shirt. I'm sure it was 20 degrees or something! And I solved it for the time being by turning it down to five degrees but that, of course, turned the entire thing off, and in late November, that can be a bit too much too.

I have already asked several friends with practical knowledge if I can just replace the thermostat and that would be the end of things. They didn't know! I might have to do some light googling. Or phone a plumber. Because a thermostat that thinks 10 degrees means 20 degrees is not very environmentally friendly!
Me in a T-shirt: then it’s not ten degrees!

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