22 November 2019

To the Netherlands - by train

I have been feeling bad about travelling to the Netherlands by plane! But feeling bad never helped anyone. It was time to act instead. So after my quick trip to the Netherlands in November I figured that for Christmas, I should try the Eurotunnel. And now I have booked my tickets!

On a good day, I can get from door to door in six hours if I fly. This time it will take me some fifteen. A lot more! And it's also a lot more expensive. But if it all works that will be worth it! It is a bit frustrating that I need to spend so much time to even get to a railway station, but hey ho, I voluntarily moved to a town that has none. And I don't regret that! It's lovely living in Bethesda.

I might actually prepare by sorting out podcasts on my phone (I have never used my phone for listening to stuff, but 15 hours in trains and on stations asks for measures). And I will have lots of time for reading. Both in English and Welsh! And maybe I can do some repair work in the train. And I can bring things (or take them back) I otherwise can't. I hope I'll like it!

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