15 December 2018

Another Welsh course done

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! It seems only yesterday I started the latest Welsh course. And now it's ended! It was nice while it lasted. And it almost went out with a bang! For the course we read a book; one or two chapters as homework each time. It was a story written by Tudur Owen, a comedian from around here, and it dealt with the true story of his dad having been convinced to change his farm into an improvised zoo for a while. It wasn't a very good idea! And the story was a bit embellished but the essence was true. And we knew that.

Elwyn confessed he had asked Tudur Owen to be there at the last course night. We could find out from him what exactly was true and what a bit exaggerated! But he had had to cancel at the last minute. A pity! It would have been a nice surprise.

Elwyn had talked to him, though, during the discussions had about him first being there and then not being there. And he could report on the veracity of several of the events in the book! So some of our curiosity was satisfied anyway.

And now? Well, in January there will be another course starting. It's just a bloke talking about local history! I look forward to that. I like history! And I still have a lot to learn.

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