28 April 2019

Look for the wrong mine

When I had been walking around in the valleys above the village I had seen something that looked like a tiny little mine on a steep slope. It looked strange! What a remote and uncomfortable place to start a mine. But it that was what it was it clearly hadn't been much of a success.

Then we went walking in Cwm Bychan. When I got onto the mining website to upload my pictures I saw there were two Cwm Bychan mines; one copper and one slate; we had visited the copper specimen. I was curious and looked at the information on the slate one. And it was in the valleys above Bethesda! Was it the one I had seen? I decided to go and have a look.

On the last day of the University Easter Break I decided to go for it. I set off and got there in about 1.5 hours. Not bad! The mine was very insignificant but now at least it's well-documented. And while I was at it I also took some pictures of the quarry where I had seen the raven babies with Monique.

When I came home again I saw this mine wasn't Cwm Bychan at all, That was n the side valley higher up! Oh dear. This had been Ochrfwsoglog, a lovely name, meaning 'mossy side'. And in the riverbed itself there seemed to be another small quarry. I really should go back. check out the quarry in the river, and finally visit that enigmatic Cwm Bychan mine! I have a feeling it may beat Ochrfwsoglog in insignificance, but it's nice to have a specific goal!

Just outside the village

View with sheepfolds

The mine! (full screen view needed)

View from the spoil heap

The other mine on the way back

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