18 April 2019

Finish the shed

When Monique left, there was still a fair amount of day left. And I knew what to do! She had indicated she was sad we hadn't finished the shed. So now I should! As far as possible without drill. So I set to work!

Properly fixing the roof was harder than I thought; you have to aim the screws well but you can't see what you're doing. That was a fair amount of trial and error; guess where the screw goes, screw it through the roof, run inside to see if it is heading for a beam, take it out if not, try again, fill up the hole, and move to the next one. And you can't really have the step ladder next to the shed.

Then it was time to put the felt on. It was a big slab! A bit bigger than needed. I cut it in half as indicated and put the first slab on the roof. That went smooth! I hammered it in place. And did the second slab.

Starting on the felt

Then it was time to put some battens in place. That was a bit weird; there wasn't necessarily a logical place to put the screws. Some trial and error was again exercised. And then they were put in! Now I am supposed to put decorative bits of wood in the top of the gable ends but that requires a drill. It will have to wait! But that's OK. It had suddenly become 7PM and I was tired. I was keen to get off my feet and sort some dinner out!

But I now have a roofed shed! I am happy. I will also have to anchor it as the craziest things blow away in this climate (my conservatory is a replacement for one that indeed blew away) but the bulk of the work is now done! Hurray!

Pretty much finished!

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