20 July 2018

The electrician makes progress

After that one day the electricians were working in my house I didn't see them again. I knew they were not sure of what to do with the floorboards, but there was a lot more work they could do. These tradespeople! You never know when they come and go.

I did phone my joiner about the floorboards. He came to have a look. He didn't see what the problem was! The living room has modern(ish) chipboard floorboards. If you need to get past them you just saw a hole in them. So I got back to the electrician, telling him to just saw a hole in them. He said OK. The problem seems to be that these boards break quite easily, but they are also quite cheap. If they break, just replace them.

Then I came home on a Friday and the electricians had clearly come back. Lots of cables went where they hadn't before! This is moving. Now I need to get the stove people, the plumber and a plasterer in gear as well, and then all is rolling. The stove people have said they'll be back soon; the plumber had forgot to send me a quote, but when I reminded him twice he did anyway; and I got a number for a plasterer from Phil, which I will call next week as he seems to be on holiday now. I hope it will all progress in the near future! I hope things have calmed down by the time autumn falls...

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